For Dragonwell fans....

Made from leaves that have not been oxidized.

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May 25th, '08, 18:32
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For Dragonwell fans....

by Ian » May 25th, '08, 18:32

I would just like to report that Teaspring's '08 "Emperor Long Jing" is blowing my mind. It looks beautiful, smells amazing, and best of all.... tastes fantastic. Has anyone else tried this tea? I'm not all that experienced, being that I'm mainly an Oolong guy, and Adagio's Dragonwell is the only other Long Jing I've tried....But this tea from teaspring pretty much spanks that one into tearful repentance.

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May 25th, '08, 18:57
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by RussianSoul » May 25th, '08, 18:57

I tried their Lion Xi Hu Long Jing from this year's harvest, and it is really good too. I should get the Emperor Long Jing sample next time I order. Thank you for posting about it!

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May 25th, '08, 20:07
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by Sydney » May 25th, '08, 20:07

I've had both from this year's first flush, and they're the best tasting dragonwell I've ever had. And I've had a lot. mmmmmm

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May 25th, '08, 21:05
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by Salsero » May 25th, '08, 21:05

RussianSoul wrote: is really good too...
The concept of too good is one that evades me, but I might like to experience some time!

I have never had the Lion, but I have had the Emperor several times and really enjoy it. Just reviewing their current offerings, I think the Emperor is the most expensive, actually. Mmm, I remembered it as being like the 2nd or 3rd down the list. Maybe their offerings have been downgraded to lower costs?
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May 25th, '08, 23:47
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by tenuki » May 25th, '08, 23:47

mmmn dragonwell... westlake king or just drink oolong.

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May 26th, '08, 08:16
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by chrl42 » May 26th, '08, 08:16

I don't know what 'emperor' means but what I know is that Lion Peak(Shi Feng) Long Jing is most celebrated mountain for LJ followed by Mei Jia Wu.

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May 26th, '08, 12:42
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by Wesli » May 26th, '08, 12:42

In this case, for Lion Xi Hu Long Jing, Lion (shi) is the name brand of the tea. Xi hu ("West Lake") refers to the long jing growing region in Zhejiang province.

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