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Aug 6th 18 5:59 pm
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Re: Yuuki-Cha "Official" Japanese tea topic

by rdl » Aug 6th 18 5:59 pm

RobWarren wrote: In his last e-mail he essentially said I lacked sophistication and should not buy any handmade products from Japan.
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I received essentially the same opinion of my level of knowledge of Japanese yakimono and took the insult as a reason to not shop with them again. However, with the evaluation came the offer to return the item I purchased. Is that not possible in your case? A full refund including shipping would end the discussion, in my opinion.
It's a shame this is still happening, I sympathize with you.

Aug 6th 18 6:51 pm
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Re: Yuuki-Cha "Official" Japanese tea topic

by RobWarren » Aug 6th 18 6:51 pm

There was no offer of any accommodation of any kind. Just that he was blameless and I lacked sophistication and was ignorant.

A little more context. The chawan that I wanted was listed as out of stock for some time. I sent several message through the website asking to be notified when the item was back in stock as I really liked what the pictures showed me. After one of my requests for notification I did receive a message that there was one in stock and I could order it. I did, and got the blue bowl.

So the set-up of asking repeatedly to be notified when the particular item I was interested in was back in stock, being told there was one left in inventory, and then getting a different product delivered made it feel like an intentional deception to me.

I guess if a $20 sale is more important to him than a long term loyal customer, or his reputation, I am not going to argue with him over that decision.

Feb 14th 20 1:19 pm
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Re: Yuuki-Cha "Official" Japanese tea topic

by mutroke » Feb 14th 20 1:19 pm

A few days ago i made an account on yuuki-cha, despite some of the negative comments i saw here. I received the confirmation e-mail, then the next day when i tried to log in again (was planning to order some tea and accessories), i couldn't log in anymore, getting this : "Warning: No match for E-Mail Address and/or Password", i tried to use the "forgotten password" option, but it says e- mail is not registered even though i have the confirmation email stating my account is created. No, i didn't forget my password.
The "contact form" option on their website does not work for me, it keeps giving me same error that the "Verification is not correct!".
I sent a reply to the admin e-mail i received when i created my account, asking for advice, but i did not receive a reply .
I cannot create a new account using other e-mail...so The only reason i can think of is that i'm being blocked because i am from Eastern Europe . :roll:
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Feb 17th 20 12:36 am
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Re: Yuuki-Cha "Official" Japanese tea topic

by isabellamor » Feb 17th 20 12:36 am

I have been ordering from Yuuki Cha for many years, eight or nine, and have enjoyed their teas very much, as well the prompt shipping. Their teas are amazing.