Hello from Yatra Tea Company!

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Sep 6th 17 4:46 pm
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Hello from Yatra Tea Company!

by Yatra Tea Co » Sep 6th 17 4:46 pm

Hi from Vikram at Yatra Tea Company! My first time posting on this site, though I have been a lurker for a little while now.

Yatra Tea Company focuses on curating a catalog of single origin, premium grade, whole leaf tea direct from estates in India and Nepal. Our maiden offering consists of 9 first flush teas covering the tea growing regions of Darjeeling, the Nilgiris, Kangra, and Nepal. I recently sourced second flush teas, primarily from Assam - these should be with me shortly!

We have collaborated with an NGO based in California and will support a project they run in Assam; Induz's Project Kopou educates children of tea estate workers by providing them formal as well as vocational education. We will donate 10% of profits initially, with the hope that our contributions grow with time.

With that introduction, I am looking forward to being a part of this tea community!

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Sep 10th 17 5:56 pm
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Re: Hello from Yatra Tea Company!

by joelbct » Sep 10th 17 5:56 pm

Notes from sampler I purchased, summarized from another forum: An artful curation, coherent (there's a similar thread- fresh, clean, no bitterness) and no misses. I hadn't had Nilgiri's this fine before. Photos: http://imgur.com/a/Mq41r

Thurbo, White, Darjeeling, First Flush 2017- Beautiful leaf appearance. Tastes like a high-grade Bai Mudan, with Darj terroir.
Craigmore, Black, Nilgiri, First Flush 2017- Pungent seaweed aroma and taste, slight roasted/char notes, full bodied, not at all bitter.
Glendale, Black, Nilgiri, First Flush 2017- Complex fruit notes- peach/plum/apricot. Also not tannic- (none of these were).
Himalayan Bliss Estate, Black, Nepal, First Flush 2017- Spicey, light, brisk, fruit.
Sakhira, Black, Nepal, First Flush 2017- Also spicey, with somewhat bolder fruit undertones. Both Nepals are lightly oxidized FF Himalayan teas, tho slightly richer than the Darjeelings.
Goomtee, Black, Darjeeling, First Flush 2017- Succulent and mouthwatering, pleasantly vegetal. Similar distinctive asparagus/artichoke notes to the earliest spring EX invoices.
Thurbo, Black, Darjeeling, First Flush 2017- Smooth, bright, vegetal- not entirely dissimilar to the Goomtee. Another quality FF Darj.
Glenburn, Green, Darjeeling First Flush 2017- Very Chinese-tasting. Like a decent gunpowder. Bright, clean, vegetal.
Wah Estate, Green, Kangra India, First Flush 2017- Fragrant dry leaf. Clean, fresh, high-altitude spring tea.