ChaCeremony: Experience and Explore WuyiShan Tea

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Sep 4th, '17, 20:58
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ChaCeremony: Experience and Explore WuyiShan Tea

by MarcusReed » Sep 4th, '17, 20:58


I aim to open up to more here at TeaChat and share tea experiences.
Here's a little background about myself, my company, and my partners in China.

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Chen JinMing from Fog Mountain Tea is the tea master behind production of our Yan Cha oolong and Black teas. Chen JinMing has been involved with production and harvest of the 17 acre farm for about 30 years.
Using traditional techniques such as charcoal roasting, hand harvesting, and skilled labor these are some of the many factors that go into producing our quality teas. The production of roasted oolong tea such as Yan Cha require specific roasting and resting periods not to forget careful tasting and brewing to make sure the tea is produced up to standard.
My partners use these time honored methods along with precise and skillful techniques to bring forth a flavor is true to what I have learned to be a superior grade tea.

Here Is Chen JinMing preparing GongFuCha ceremony.

Our tea has been reviewed by those over at TeaDB and other friends/customers on instagram.

I open up this merchant forum as a place to discuss and share experiences with all who are willing to join.

Visit us at