Tea Manufacturing Regulations

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Mar 23rd 17 4:19 pm
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Tea Manufacturing Regulations

by bobbaird001 » Mar 23rd 17 4:19 pm

Hi all,
I am wondering what requirements are generally encountered for the creation and sale of herbal teas, specifically sanitation, space and equipment. I have found some good labeling advice, but interested to know what specific regulations apply to the "kitchen", where herbal teas are mixed for retail sale. I assume this is regulated at the local government level?
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Mar 24th 17 10:17 pm
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Re: Tea Manufacturing Regulations

by OldWaysTea » Mar 24th 17 10:17 pm

Probably depends on where you want to sell them. Farmer's markets usually require proof that the products are created by the vendor and that they were created in a licensed location. Selling on the internet is not much trouble, and for retail sale you may be able to simply register the location with the FDA. It is also worth checking out your state's cottage foods laws. Some states have specific exemptions you may fall under for low hazard foods.