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Feb 7th, '11, 17:51
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by Chip » Feb 7th, '11, 17:51

This happened today.

Word to the wise, do NOT follow links from new members unless you are 100% certain it is legit. Keep in mind, that a member can embed a link that is not the link you see posted. So it might appear to be for a vendor you know for instance, but hidden it could be to something entirely different.

Today, I checked out a site of a new member who I first found out is from India.

As soon as I went on his site, my anti virus protection immediately quarantined the "threat" ... this has proven to be pretty good protection til now. Unfortunately this time, the dam burst.

In an attempt to first prevent anyone else from being exposed to the virus, I dealt with the post and the new member (so he could not re-post). Unfortunately this was not good for my PC as I delayed a full scan.

In the future, any links from a new member will be deleted, PERIOD!!! I have been a nice guy on this issue, but this was a rude awakening. I will not be Mr. Nice guy and check out the site to see if it is OK.