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Sep 2nd, '12, 00:19
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A paid NON political announcement from your moderator

by Chip » Sep 2nd, '12, 00:19

Dear TeaFriends, :D

It is another big presidential election year here in the USA. I know the temptation is always there to sneak a plug in. However political posting of any kind is simply not permitted on TeaChat (TeaChat rules are located under TeaChat Announcements and User Guide).

History has proven time and time again, that politics and TeaChat do not mix and are ingredients for flame wars and a strain on our TeaChat relationships.

So we can all remain TeaFriends, please do not post politically, period. I will delete your post without warning. If I allow one post, I have to allow everyone. The rule is only fair if applied to all.

Unfortunately some may view this as censorship or an infringement upon one's freedom of speech. To this I can simply say, please feel free to express your political views elsewhere. :mrgreen: :idea: :wink:

Consider TeaChat as an oasis away from politics (and religion and spam) where we can relax and share our passion in tea (and we argue about that too). :!:

Have a great TeaDay,
Immoderate TeaDrinker who happens to Moderate