Bought a house!

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Jun 11th, '14, 14:21
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Bought a house!

by MEversbergII » Jun 11th, '14, 14:21

Some of you might remember back in September I started a "short sale" to buy a house. Well, after quite the roller coaster ride and one rough as hell winter, I finally arrived at the signing table yesterday. I am now the owner of a modest 1,300 square foot 3 bedroom, 1.2 bath townhouse.

Fortunately I am now spending less on mortgage payments than I was with rent. This means for the first time in months, I can afford to order tea! I'll also be more able to experiment with higher quality, expensive teas which were formerly out of reach.

This is great, as I haven't brewed a proper cup of tea in a while. Pardon me while I go peruse Den's - I've been jonesing for Japanese greens as of late.

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Jun 11th, '14, 16:09
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Re: Bought a house!

by Poseidon » Jun 11th, '14, 16:09

Congrats! I bet that feel great!

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Jun 11th, '14, 16:30
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Re: Bought a house!

by debunix » Jun 11th, '14, 16:30

And you can make sure the floor coverings in the area where you prepare and drink tea are gentle on your teawares, while working surfaces are sturdy enough for teawares too....

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Jun 11th, '14, 18:58
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Re: Bought a house!

by jayinhk » Jun 11th, '14, 18:58

Congratulations! :)

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Jun 11th, '14, 21:53
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Re: Bought a house!

by Chip » Jun 11th, '14, 21:53

Congratulations !!!

Now get out those TeaBucks and get some Japanese Greens. Shincha if you are interested as per the IM discussion.

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Jun 11th, '14, 23:14
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Re: Bought a house!

by Teaism » Jun 11th, '14, 23:14

Congratulations! And thank you for sharing the info on your personal life.

It is good to hear that you have budget for tea and I am really very happy for you.

Have a great day!

Cheers! :D

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