Favorite Sport?

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May 15th, '15, 08:58
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Favorite Sport?

by InTeaItrust » May 15th, '15, 08:58

I'm a huge boxing fan and my favorite boxer is Mike Tyson.
Did anyone watch the Mayweather vs Pacquiao fight a few weeks ago?
In my opinion it was a disappointment and not worth the $100 that I paid to watch the fight.

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May 15th, '15, 10:25
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Re: Favorite Sport?

by Chip » May 15th, '15, 10:25

Participation wise, cycling, specifically road cycling. I also used to watch professional cycling but have not much since the Lance doping scandal.

I will watch some football, basketball and just about anything else ... but am not a real sports spectator. Perhaps because there is doping seemingly everywhere.

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May 15th, '15, 10:41
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Re: Favorite Sport?

by Evan Draper » May 15th, '15, 10:41

To my surprise I have become a basketball fan. Given the developments in rules and analytical understanding, the game is much more beautiful than the old "banging in the low post," which never held my interest. I was disappointed that I couldn't catch any of the Spurs-Clippers series, but I have gotten to watch a few games this year. I have moral qualms about watching those more-combative sports which destroy so many lives in the process, though I can't help following them online from time to time.

May 15th, '15, 18:28
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Re: Favorite Sport?

by kiwi303 » May 15th, '15, 18:28

Does Jelly Wrestling count? Hot chicks in very little spandex in a plastic pool in the bar lounge...

Or beach volleyball, the Swedish womans team is prime ;)

For doing vs watching, I like shooting and hunting.

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May 15th, '15, 20:27
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Re: Favorite Sport?

by entropyembrace » May 15th, '15, 20:27

InTeaItrust wrote:I'm a huge boxing fan and my favorite boxer is Mike Tyson.
Did anyone watch the Mayweather vs Pacquiao fight a few weeks ago?
In my opinion it was a disappointment and not worth the $100 that I paid to watch the fight.
My favourite sport is HEMA "Historical European Martial Arts" which is mostly about recovering and keeping alive the old martial traditions of Europe, but there are plenty of tournaments for various systems too so it includes sport. Military sabre is what I'm most interested in but I really like other types of swords and pole-arms as well. HEMA also includes ringen which is an older form of what's now Olympic wrestling which can include learning techniques that are too dangerous to practice as a sport. Same goes for pugilism (bare knuckle boxing). But I'm not as interested in the unarmed aspects of it.

I did watch Mayweather vs Pacquiao even though I'm not a huge boxing fan. I liked the fight itself but I think this match really showed how horrible the arbitrary scoring system in boxing can be.

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May 16th, '15, 19:16
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Re: Favorite Sport?

by JBaymore » May 16th, '15, 19:16

Iaido and alpine skiing.



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May 16th, '15, 23:35
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Re: Favorite Sport?

by jayinhk » May 16th, '15, 23:35

I've enjoyed watching boxing and racing since I was a kid. Nowadays I rarely watch either, unless it's a major fight. As for doing, I like urban cycling, silat, eskrima and shooting sports.

HEMA is something I'd like to check out for sure. Iaido too! Then again, I sell knives and swords, so both are right up my street, even if Southeast Asian systems and tools are more my flavor.

May 17th, '15, 20:36
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Re: Favorite Sport?

by BagzDeep » May 17th, '15, 20:36

Any racquetballers out there? Been my favorite sport for the last 9 years or so! It's like a combination of tennis and MMA. A great workout with lots of strategy and something one can play into thier 50's and beyond. Can't wait to hand the tradition down to my boys!

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Jul 11th, '15, 03:12
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Re: Favorite Sport?

by Alex » Jul 11th, '15, 03:12

CSGO :D lol

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Jul 12th, '15, 13:49
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Re: Favorite Sport?

by Fuut » Jul 12th, '15, 13:49

I used to go climbing 3/4 times a week, but that stopped a few years back, i still climb at home (small climbing wall).

But as far as other sports go, i don't really watch any. Generally watch teawares and nihonto in my spare time:)

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