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Jun 24th, '15, 13:49
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by Chip » Jun 24th, '15, 13:49

Today's forum trolls are a different type of animal than trolls of yesterday ... nevertheless, you do not want to feed the trolls.

They often post "idiot posts" ... gibberish.

However, often they post a seemingly thought out post that just ... smells off. If you smell a troll, one thing I do is copy a seemingly thought out post that does not quite fit in to the topic. And google it. Often the post is paraphrased from another site.

Trolls seem to like to waste members' time and effort and lower the integrity of our forum. They also want to engage members to their excitement. Ignoring them infuriates them! And they go elsewhere for their pleasure ... where they are fed.

If you suspect a troll, PLEASE do not engage on the forum. Simply PM a link to the topic to me.

Thank you in advance,
Immoderate TeaDrinker who happens to Moderate