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Sep 13th, '15, 19:49
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Re: Hagi Think Tank 1: tie one on?

by William » Sep 13th, '15, 19:49

hobin wrote:At the beginning the tomobako was commissioned by the owner of the teaware piece, not the maker. It usually bore the owner's name and the description of the piece. Each subsequent owner could maybe add some writing praising the piece, or add a bigger box to preserve the old one. If the praise was made by a famous teamaster the object of course gained respect (and value). nowadays the tomobako is more a certificate of authenticity (but there are loads of fake tomobako around...)
Your explanation of the tomobako's historical background is extremely accurate and correct. I congratulate you! :)

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Sep 16th, '15, 11:26
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Re: Hagi Think Tank 1: tie one on?

by Chip » Sep 16th, '15, 11:26

Some of you may recall ...

There was an ebay seller in Japan who included the wood box with Hagi purchase, but they were phony and an obvious ploy to sell Hagi pieces for higher prices. The ink smeared ... pathetic.

I believe we put him out of business, literally.

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