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Oct 27th, '11, 19:05
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Bill Perrine TA SO

by Chip » Oct 27th, '11, 19:05

Hi everyone. I just wanted to remind you that Bill Perrine's Split Fire Pottery TeawareArtisan Special Offering (TA SO) just went "live" an hour ago.

For those not familiar with this program, it is an extention of TeaChat's TeawareArtisan forum located under TeaCommunity.

We endeavor to learn about and support Western Teaware Artisans through discussion and the occasional TA SO which is mutually beneficial to the artisan and to members of TeaChat as new and different wares are offered that are specially made for the TA SO ... and at nice discounts.

So we all get to say thank you to each other ... so to speak.

PLEASE stop by the TA SO 4 topic located right about Teaware and Accessories ... or just click ... 36#p209669

Thank you in advance for your support of our TeawareArtisan, Bill Perrine, and for viewing the TA SO 4 topic.