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Jun 2nd, '10, 10:39
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Dens Shincha Kyusu, AdamMY

by AdamMY » Jun 2nd, '10, 10:39

I was going to post a picture but I do not think I ever took one strictly of the kyusu. That may be because what they lack in overall appearance they make up for in durability. I am sure they actually can break, but these are some resilient kyusus.

If you factor in price, and the obami mesh filter, these are ideal for beginners, who do not know what they want to do yet, and as such should they decide Japanese greens are not for them, they can easily double as a tea pot for larger brews of any other tea they desire.

I have personally used mine for blacks, and oolongs, in addition to the Japanese greens it was designed for.

So in short, a sturdy little pot that can do just about anything tea wise.

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Jun 2nd, '10, 11:21
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Re: Dens Shincha Kyusu, AdamMY

by Chip » Jun 2nd, '10, 11:21

Thanks for posting the first of hopefully many reviews, Adam.

I got the Shincha version more out of curiousity than anything else. I like to call them bomb proof! Yes, they are great for beginners and also road shows ... I kept the box and put the kyusu, cups, tea, and a timer right into it and am ready for family get togethers, etc. Just did this for Memorial Day two days ago.

The glazing makes them suitable for all kinds of teas ... just a great, sturdy, inexpensive, carefree kyusu. Certainly not the finest, but the best for certain situations.

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Jun 4th, '10, 14:33
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Re: Dens Shincha Kyusu, AdamMY

by mbishop » Jun 4th, '10, 14:33

I have the Yutori teapot, not the Shincha one, but they are very similar. Not a great pic, but someone might like it :P

EDIT: Oh, also the other day, after daily use for months, regular hot water swirling/vinegar soaks, I finally took out the mesh screen, and cleaned behind it...sweet merciful tea god! It was so dirty. But it was easy to take out, and easy to put back in, so that's a plus. Now my tea tastes better too :)


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Feb 12th, '11, 02:05
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Re: Dens Shincha Kyusu, AdamMY

by shinobicha » Feb 12th, '11, 02:05

According to this website, you should only use water to clean out the teapot, whereas according to Den's you can use vinegar (or even bleach?).

(scroll to the bottom, 'How to take care of clay tea pot')

The website also explains that the scale that accumulates is actually just minerals, and helps to keep the balance of minerals good.
Go here, scroll to point 5.

However, probably also what accumulates in a teapot is tea itself, not just minerals, so that could explain why removing it helps the tea taste better...

I'm not sure what is best!

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Feb 12th, '11, 08:40
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Re: Dens Shincha Kyusu, AdamMY

by Chip » Feb 12th, '11, 08:40

With a glazed teapot/kyusu, it can be somewhat advantagious to keep it free of scale build-up though this is debatable. And since this is glazed, vinegar can be used quite effectively. The spout can be a pretty creepy place, a tiny bottle brush or similar can be used.

NEVER use vinegar on an unglazed kyusu. I did have an old tokoname unglazed that had so much scale build-up that it would come off in large flakes. I would sometimes brush it off.

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