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Feb 1st, '13, 09:15
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Plain White Rong Yao Fang Gaiwan From

by Alex » Feb 1st, '13, 09:15

Just a few impressions of the Plain White Rong Yao Fang Gaiwan From

Which can be bought from here ... uct_id=451

Before I start on the gaiwan I'd just like to recommend this vendor for their teas and service. The owner is passionate, knowledgeable, friendly and very professional. If you've yet to try them, then go for it! And stick a gaiwan on the order as well :mrgreen:

The gaiwan offered is of a classic shape, plain and simple but with a subtle hand-made nature such as the natural swirl on the body only visible at the right angle. The walls are medium thick but the quality of the porcelain is very high. Its not the bleach white stuff I usually see on JDZ stuff its almost a little like the colour of the higher end Japanese porcelain I've seen. Sort of slightly off white/greyish with a very subtle jade glaze, and a loud striking ping!

Proportions feel excellent in the hand. The flare on the rim is very nice and comfy, and if you use the 3 finger technique the rim only gets mildly warm when boiling water is poured up to the lid. Speaking of which, up to the lid is about 140ml and up to the brim is around 160ml.

The lid is glazed all around the rim with the exposed unglazed porcelain on top of the knob. When pouring with the 3 finger technique I've not experienced any suction between the base of the cup and saucer when lifting it in and out while wet.

If the size is right for you I'd definitely recommend buying one.

Here's some pictures. They were taken on my very old cheap digi cam (which is soon to be upgraded) so please excuse the poor pics.
CIMG8395.JPG (17.52 KiB) Viewed 3290 times
CIMG8400.JPG (25.92 KiB) Viewed 3290 times
CIMG8397.JPG (16.96 KiB) Viewed 3290 times
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Re: Plain White Rong Yao Fang Gaiwan From

by Alex » Feb 1st, '13, 09:16

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Feb 4th, '13, 04:32
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Re: Plain White Rong Yao Fang Gaiwan From

by David R. » Feb 4th, '13, 04:32

Nice catch Alex !

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