Jan 10th, '18, 02:48
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Re: Droolong.com : Beautiful Taiwan Tea Company

by Bok » Jan 10th, '18, 02:48

And I second Ethan, I have met Jay as well and he is more likely driven by (impulsive)passion for tea and the community that comes with it, rather than financial interest.

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Jan 10th, '18, 03:07
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Re: Droolong.com : Beautiful Taiwan Tea Company

by jayinhk » Jan 10th, '18, 03:07

If anything some people have decided they don't want to buy from me because of what I did. I'm fine with that. I'm just fed up of the fake tea/Yixing/stories, and people have a right to know about this stuff.

Another group of American sellers of fake pu from Taiwan have just been identified on Reddit, as well as their source in Kaohsiung. And no, it wasn't me this time :lol: Whoever it is is a former TeaChatter, I think, since they bought from Origin Tea.

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