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Mar 7th, '06, 05:30
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New Tea Blog

by lumen » Mar 7th, '06, 05:30

Hello from Japan!
My hubby and I have just started a new tea blog. This week is all about Houjicha. Since we're in Japan, we figured it was about time we really investigated what was available in the local tea shop.

Happy sipping!

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Apr 6th, '06, 17:38
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by Madam Potts » Apr 6th, '06, 17:38

How many other people have a blog?


Everyone who has one (and happens to read this) post it for us to read!

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Apr 6th, '06, 18:17
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by MarshalN » Apr 6th, '06, 18:17

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Apr 6th, '06, 22:01
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by peachaddict » Apr 6th, '06, 22:01

Does it have to be a tea blog? My personal blog is It's not a tea blog, though.

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Apr 7th, '06, 06:12
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by yresim » Apr 7th, '06, 06:12

Apr 7th, '06, 08:07
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by divinemercy » Apr 7th, '06, 08:07

I'm not sure if you mean tea blogs or just blogs, so these are mine (though i don't update enough):

The second is more recent.


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Apr 7th, '06, 11:41
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by klemptor » Apr 7th, '06, 11:41

My blog isn't specifically a tea blog, but I do have tea tags in it.

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Apr 9th, '06, 23:29
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by Madam Potts » Apr 9th, '06, 23:29

that's doesn't HAVE to be tea-specific

just show us the blog!


Apr 30th, '06, 02:17
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by psteas » Apr 30th, '06, 02:17

Paper Street Teas blog where we discuss the latest news, trends, and gadgets related to tea.

Apr 30th, '06, 08:32
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Tea Blogs

by Nate Phillips » Apr 30th, '06, 08:32

I just woke up and have giant blogs under my eyes! Nothing a cup of Gunpowder and Mint won't cure.

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