Families in Art Museums Survey Blog

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Jun 15th, '10, 16:03
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Families in Art Museums Survey Blog

by Aphroditea » Jun 15th, '10, 16:03

Greetings Tea Community!!

As some of you know, I am working on my masters dissertation for the University of Leicester - if you didn't, you do now! My research involves looking at the relationship between art museums and families, specifically how the museums react to families and vice versa. I am looking at ways in which art museums can become more accessible to families, reaching them in ways which respect their special ways of learning and exploring together.

Back when I submitted my research proposal, I also requested the ethics committe approval to conduct open-ended interviews with families. However, do to some miscommunications and the fact that the committee only meets every so often, I am now down to the wire to attain some form of response from families. I am hoping very much that, since blog comments are considered public domain, that I will be allowed in this 11th hour to use textual participant stories found or gathered through blog comments. My ability to interpret such responses will not change simply because it is text rather than verbal. If you want to comment, please know that within the paper your identity will be anonymous. However, you must also understand that if you reply to the blog that your voice is now in the public domain and that the website will need to be referenced in my dissertation and kept online for 3 years - please be very aware of this if you plan to post!! If I am told that I cannot do data collection in this way, the blog will immediately be taken down. PM me if you have questions.

Ready to shout out your opinion? Then go here: http://mousaionkleio.blogspot.com/

Remember to pass this on to YOUR friends and family!
Thank you so very much,
Tanya Laird

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Jun 16th, '10, 13:14
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Re: Families in Art Museums Survey Blog

by Chip » Jun 16th, '10, 13:14

Best of luck, Tanya!

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