Teacology: A New Tea Blog

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Dec 21st, '12, 16:31
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Teacology: A New Tea Blog

by AlexZorach » Dec 21st, '12, 16:31

I recently started a new tea blog: Teacology.

I'm not going to be actively updating my old blog any more. There are a variety of reasons for the switch, but the biggest one is my frustration with the lack of control of spam blogs on Blogger/Blogspot. I explain this a little in my first post.

The new blog I also think has a much more attractive theme and more clean and professional look-and-feel. I also am planning to put a lot more effort into each individual post. I will probably update much less, but I anticipate the posts will be much higher-quality.

I also chose a witty name (and more descriptive too), finally, instead of sticking with the rather dry name of my old blog. The old blog will still remain up.

I hope you find this blog an interesting read!