Fairly New and Improved Tea Blog

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Mar 18th, '13, 11:27
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Fairly New and Improved Tea Blog

by kittylovestea » Mar 18th, '13, 11:27

I believe I posted on here previously but my post has gotten lost among the other posts and I cannot find it to edit so please forgive me for re posting.

I have since changed the layout and the URL to my blog and I wished to update it on here. I'm always looking for new tea friends :)

My blog features reviews which are currently each week but will increase to two or three posts a week very shortly. I feature large and small companies alike with pictures taken and reviews given in as much detail as I can muster.

I would appreciate any feedback :) Thank you.

My blog is now located at:

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Mar 20th, '13, 17:44
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Re: Fairly New and Improved Tea Blog

by teaisme » Mar 20th, '13, 17:44

have you tried rinsing that black brick twice before the first brew?

for future reference your tea from the teaclub can be found at yunnan sourcing, http://www.yunnansourcing.com/store/pro ... oduct=2285
notice the pic on the bottom, that is what it should look like later on, after a few steeps.

YS has many other offerings they have at canton tea, for cheaper (even after calculating for shipping from China).

Just have to wait longer for the package unfortunately. :P

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Mar 20th, '13, 23:33
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Re: Fairly New and Improved Tea Blog

by Chip » Mar 20th, '13, 23:33

Please check your Private Messages.


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