Tea Journey- Tea and Art

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Sep 10th, '13, 10:53
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Tea Journey- Tea and Art

by inaris_servant » Sep 10th, '13, 10:53


I originally started this blog June 2010 when I joined the Teaopia team. Over the years I became part of The Tea Guild of Canada , a non-profit group for tea and began my lessons for various things. I started my Tea Sommelier program, took Japanese Tea Ceremony classes and began to learn Japanese.
Since Teavana bought Teaopia, I became part of their team. I grew as a person with my tea friends and had a helping hand for the Toronto Tea Festival The first one of its kind within Ontario's capital.
The months flew by, I was a manager for sometime with Teavana . The family dynamic was encouraging. After I finished my Tea Sommelier program I wanted more, so now I am a Tea Consultant within the city. My journey continues here.

I would love to hear your opinions and thoughts. Feel free to comment, e-mail or tweet me.
Now I am off to enjoy some Taiwan Four Seasons Oolong from Global Tea Hut <3 Yumm.