What do you like seeing most of in a TeaBlog? (Choose 3)

Reviews on different tea/teaware and/or vendors
Photos photos photos!
General information on different brewing methods
General information on different tea varietals
Indepth look into different teaware antique or modern
Indepth look into tea itself, regions, history of etc
A more casual blog that touches on other topics also
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Other? Please comment!
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Apr 1st, '14, 22:59
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What do YOU (the reader!) like to see in TeaBlogs?

by Hannah » Apr 1st, '14, 22:59

Hello All!

One thing I love about TeaBlogs is that there is an endless variety available to both write and read about. Sometimes though, I often wonder what others like to see in TeaBlogs - what I love to read about may not be someone else's cup of tea (pardon the pun!).

I am interested to see peoples answers so that not only me, but also other bloggers here could also draw inspiration from peoples answers!

At the end of the day, I write my blog for me, to put my passions for my hobby into a form I can share with others, but I'm still always happy for ways to put a twist on the traditional post!

Cheers all :)

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Apr 2nd, '14, 10:34
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Re: What do YOU (the reader!) like to see in TeaBlogs?

by William » Apr 2nd, '14, 10:34

I generally prefer a blog with articles that examines, in detail, one or more types of tea.

The presence of many photos makes everything more enjoyable. :mrgreen:

Apr 2nd, '14, 11:47
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by bonescwa » Apr 2nd, '14, 11:47

Reviews. I mostly read blogs to inform purchasing decisions, but research and general information is interesting as well. Think marshaln (information) + hobbs (practical advice about products available to the western market).

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