Tea Superstitions

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Tea Superstitions

by GreenWitch Tea » May 8th, '17, 21:04

Tea Superstitions ~ since the legend of Emperor Shen Nung’s(1) discovery of tea nearly 5,000 years ago, to modern tea leaf fortune telling, tea is steeped in folklore, magick, whimsy and superstition ~ enough to make a green witch’s heart smile.

Like all superstitions, Tea Superstitions represent good luck, bad luck, and a wee bit of fun…

Good luck
    Sprinkling dry tea leaves on your front-door step protects your home from evil spirits.
      Throwing your used tea leaves on to the fire is good luck, and keeps poverty away.
        Spilling tea leaves while in the process of making your tea is good luck (although only if done accidentally, spilling the leaves on purpose doesn’t work).
          If there are bubbles in your teacup: near the edge of your cup means romance and kisses, if the bubbles are in the centre of your cup it means money. The more bubbles ~ the more kisses and money.
            Tea that is made a little stronger than normal means you are about to meet a new friend. [/list]

            Bad luck
              If you make your tea a little weaker than normal, you are about to lose a friend.
                Stirring tea while it is in the teapot means you are about to argue with a friend.
                  You will have bad luck if you stir your tea with anything but a spoon.
                    Stirring someone else’s tea means you are stirring up trouble for them.
                      Accidentally leaving the lid off the teapot means a stranger will visit you with bad news.
                        Bad luck is pending if you pour boiling water into an empty teapot (because you forgot to put in the tea leaves).[/list]

                        A wee bit of fun
                          To accidentally put two spoons in a cup of tea means marriage for the person drinking the tea.
                            If two women pour from the same pot, one of them will have a baby within a year.
                              If a man and a woman take turns pouring from the same pot, they will have a baby together!
                                The more tea leaves that end up in your cup, the fuller your life will be. If any leaves float to the top, you are about to have an unexpected visit from a stranger or lover.
                                  And my personal favourite: tea leaves in a coffin, gives the departed refreshment for their onward journey (and is meant to serve the practical purpose of absorbing strong smells). [/list]

                                  Wishing you magick in your day and your tea drinking ~ GreenWitch Tea

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                                  Re: Tea Superstitions

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                                  That was an awesome read! thanks for sharing

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