Brewing rooibos with IngenuiTEA

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Aug 24th, '09, 16:07
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Brewing rooibos with IngenuiTEA

by mark076h » Aug 24th, '09, 16:07

I use the Utilitea kettle and IngenuiTEA to brew my green tea, what is the best way to brew rooibos with the utilitea kettle and IngenuiTEA, what setting should i heat the water with and then how long should i brew the rooibos in the IngenuiTEA?

Aug 24th, '09, 23:45
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Re: Brewing rooibos with IngenuiTEA

by Ebtoulson » Aug 24th, '09, 23:45

Use boiling water (the setting for black tea) and brew anywhere from 5-10 mins depending on how strong you want it. In brewing rooibos the IngenuiTEA has been the best tool for the job in my experience.

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