Green Rooibos ?

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Mar 29th, '10, 02:19
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Green Rooibos ?

by plant partaker » Mar 29th, '10, 02:19

Does anyone know who sales green (not oxidized) Rooibos ?

Apr 2nd, '10, 18:49
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Re: Green Rooibos ?

by morningbus » Apr 2nd, '10, 18:49

I've bought Davidson's Tea's green rooibos from Amazon before. It's decent quality and a good price. ... 370&sr=8-7

Apr 24th, '10, 10:34
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Re: Green Rooibos ?

by zencha » Apr 24th, '10, 10:34

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Apr 24th, '10, 17:28
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Re: Green Rooibos ?

by rabbit » Apr 24th, '10, 17:28

Apr 24th, '10, 19:18
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Re: Green Rooibos ?

by zencha » Apr 24th, '10, 19:18

Green Rooibos (Green Bush), Organic Fair Trade Botanical ... nical.html

Jun 10th, '10, 17:01
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Re: Green Rooibos ?

by PhoenixRising » Jun 10th, '10, 17:01

I believe that upton also sells green rooibos.

Aug 31st, '10, 02:45
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Re: Green Rooibos ?

by just mǐ » Aug 31st, '10, 02:45

I get a green rooibios from Numi at my local grocer. Its in bags, don't know if thats a concern, but its also readily available and not too expensive.

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Oct 12th, '10, 23:03
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Re: Green Rooibos ?

by Shambles » Oct 12th, '10, 23:03

This thread inspired me to try organic green rooibos - which, I must admit, I'd not previously considered. It arrived today.

I bought from an ebay vendor, Island Teas. ($17.99 for 1 lb, shipped to Canada.) I'm unsure about giving links to ebay sellers here, but a search on organic rooibos green tea 1lb will get you there. . .

While I rather like red rooibos, this is better - smoother and somehow more tea-like.

Thank you all!

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Oct 22nd, '10, 20:44
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Re: Green Rooibos ?

by Katy1977 » Oct 22nd, '10, 20:44

Now I have to try the green rooibos. :D


Nov 8th, '10, 16:28
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Re: Green Rooibos ?

by beforewisdom » Nov 8th, '10, 16:28

I did not know that green roobios existed until I was in a food co-op the other day and noticed it in the bulk herb, spice and tea section. I got some today and brought it home.

As with tea, green roobios is green because it is steamed after harvesting to prevent it from fermenting. Th wiki page about it stated that it was unknown at this time if it is any healthier or more powerful than red roobios. Red roobios is supposed to have more antioxidants than green tea, though not the same antioxidants. Studies of green tea have studied specific polyphenols extracted from green tea. Still, with roobios there is a large amount of antioxidant goodies to be had and no tanins, which tea has. It is believed that tanins interfere with the absorption of some nutrients. Lastly roobios has no caffiene.

I think I may use green roobios for a while. I've been noticing myself "skipping a cog" a lot mentally. I don't know whether it is the caffiene or my irregular bed times. Once I get firmly back into the habit of a regular bed time I may test the waters with regularly drinking green tea again.

I made the green roobios by bring the water up to a rolling boil, turning off the stove and then steeping it for 10 min. No bitterness. The taste was much more similar to red roobios than the taste of green tea is to black tea. It tasted pretty much like weak red roobios. The taste was good, it was pronounced and there was no bitterness.

Nov 10th, '10, 22:08
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Re: Green Rooibos ?

by jodiklaus » Nov 10th, '10, 22:08

I recently purchased Republic of Tea's Raw Geen Bush Tea Plantain Coconut. I haven't tried it yet but it smells alot like green tea and not like a regular rooibos.

Nov 29th, '10, 06:03
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Re: Green Rooibos ?

by febs » Nov 29th, '10, 06:03

Any update about this pretty rare plant?

Did you tried it, was it good?


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Dec 16th, '10, 11:20
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Re: Green Rooibos ?

by AlexZorach » Dec 16th, '10, 11:20

I absolutely love green rooibos; I've had it from Upton Tea and Rishi Tea and both were outstanding. I also had green rooibos from Numi Tea in a tea bag, and it was less exciting.

I strongly prefer green rooibos to red.

Jan 20th, '11, 07:40
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Re: Green Rooibos ?

by christopherscott2112 » Jan 20th, '11, 07:40

In case a couple of you guys didn't know, Adagio sells some now.
They are pretty awesome. :)

Jan 30th, '11, 21:53
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Re: Green Rooibos ?

by glueyoureyes » Jan 30th, '11, 21:53

I am so happy to have tried Red rooibos tea. For over a year now, it has been my favorite comfort drink & I am so hooked. However, with the arrival of the Green rooibos, my red favorite has found a mate! I love them both & will keep them in my pantry for a long time.

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