baking with herbal tisanes

Healthy herbs, rooibos, honeybush, decaf tea, and yerba mate.

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Mar 4th 06 4:17 am
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baking with herbal tisanes

by Ingenui-Tea » Mar 4th 06 4:17 am

Since I've started working at Canelian Rose, I've been able to experiment using herbal tisanes, black teas, flavored teas, green teas, roibos, and honeybush in my baking and cooking. I've been creating these delicious cookies, breads, cakes, soups, etc. that all have their own unique tea as part of the recipe. Does anybody else do this? it's a good way to get tea into your lifestyle, and it's creating quiet a following at my tea house. I'm not sure how normal it is in the tea world to bake and cook with tea, but it adds soo much to alot of dishes. I've even began to use tea, raw and steeped liquor, in my chinese stirfry's at home among other things. Darjeeling goes great with greens, and is a great addition to an aspargus, artichoke, pea, or brocoli cream or milk based soup. I know pairing tea's with food has become quite trendy, but how common is it to not only pair with food, but cook it into that food? Thanks.. If you've never tried it.. you should.. experimenting has been alot of fun and when you get a winner.. it's amazing. If you'd like to know more about the teas i use.. we sell whole sale also.. just get ahold of me. later

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Mar 4th 06 8:30 am
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by yresim » Mar 4th 06 8:30 am

Actually, it's not uncommon at all! :D

If you enjoy cooking with tea, there is a monthly contest on

You might have some trouble getting your first sample (they were posted on a "freebie" site, and have been getting inundated with requests from people who just want something free). But, if you submitted a tea recipe the previous month, you will get the sample if you request it. So, if you have some of Adagio's Irish Breakfast at home already...