Peppermint in herbal tea

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May 8th, '10, 12:50
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Peppermint in herbal tea

by debunix » May 8th, '10, 12:50

Today, inspired by a discussion in the TeaDay topic, I made some green tea with peppermint and cardamom. Among other things, I clearly screwed up the balance between the mint, green tea, and cardamom--too much peppermint--and it ended up just tasting of peppermint.

I noticed a certain off-flavor fairly after the tea had sat for 15 or 20 minutes, which is sooner than a medium quality green tea like I used normally changes flavor. It might have been some astringency from the green tea, but I used a quite low steeping temperature that should have prevented that.

So it brought up a question that maybe someone here can answer: does peppermint tea--infused from real peppermint leaf--lose flavor faster after steeping than most other herbs?

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May 8th, '10, 21:05
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Re: Peppermint in herbal tea

by Corona » May 8th, '10, 21:05

I believe I understand what you're speaking of here.

Personally, when I make a peppermint tisane fresh, I find it is best consumed quickly, while nice and hot. The flavor comes across much tastier when it's hot, and not as well when it's warm.

The only way I really like it is steaming hot, or ice cold. Quite a difference, I don't like many things in between! :)


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