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Jun 18th, '10, 12:03
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by helpme5001 » Jun 18th, '10, 12:03

I would like to know if anyone has herd of or tried graviola tea
I bought some on line from this company Amazon Pure I have
colon cancer and it seems to be working.But am looking online
for more info.

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Jun 21st, '10, 07:57
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Re: cancer

by rabbit » Jun 21st, '10, 07:57

If my very very brief research is correct it looks like graviola is the Portuguese name for the Guanábana fruit which is considered dangerous in large quantities due to it's high levels of annonacin.

On researching annonacin it apears to be "a chemical of the class of acetogenins"
Annonacin is reported to block Mitochondrial Complex I (NADH-Dehydrogenase), which is responsible for the conversion of NADH to NAD and the build-up of a proton gradient over the mitochondrial inner membrane. This effectively disables a cell's ability to generate ATP via an oxidative pathway, ultimately forcing a cell into apoptosis or necrosis.
Apoptosis is the process of "programmed cell death" or PCD.

Now... I'm no DR. but maybe if this graviola infusion actually IS helping... it has something to do with the annonacin causing PCD to the cancer cells?

It is a very interesting topic, and I will be doing more research into it, I'll check back here with the findings.

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