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Sep 2nd, '10, 04:29
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Malibu Mate...A Lesson Learned at Teavana

by tomasini » Sep 2nd, '10, 04:29

In my brief time working at the hell hole that is Teavana, I managed to pick up an interesting concoction. For those of you with a sweet tooth, and don't mind spending your hard earned dollars inside of a Teavana check this out -
Take yourself some Raspberry Riot Lemon Mate, and brew 3 tsp at 6 minutes for 8 ounces, or 6 tsp's for 16 ounces (sweeten if you feel inclined, but really NOT necessary). Now fill your respective glass with ice, and about 4 or 5 shots of Malibu Rum. Or coconut rum of any kind - whatever. Pour over your Mate and stir.
Wa-Lah. \
You now have the tea version of a Jaeger bomb.
Caffeing + Alcohol.

I found it to be kinda tasty, i wouldn't drink it on a regular basis, but I figure some of yall may want to try it.

The Mate masks the alcohol so you can really make it as strong as you like.