Sep 21st, '10, 10:32
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Knockoff for Teavana's Herbal MataVana ??

by DaKaiser » Sep 21st, '10, 10:32

I love this tea. But the price is killing me.
Does anyone know where I can get a very similar product online for cheaper?
I don't want a flavor change. Nothing added. I like the flavor just the way it is.

I am trying to find a tea shop in my area but there is nothing.

Thanks in advance!

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Sep 21st, '10, 12:03
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Re: Knockoff for Teavana's Herbal MataVana ??

by TwoPynts » Sep 21st, '10, 12:03

I've never had it so I'm not sure about the flavors. It looks like primarily rooibos chai, chocolate, almond and vanilla?

You could try creating your own blend or perhaps someone has something made something similar already?

Sep 21st, '10, 15:33
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Re: Knockoff for Teavana's Herbal MataVana ??

by DaKaiser » Sep 21st, '10, 15:33

I have no idea where to start on that website.
Can anyone help?

Oct 11th, '10, 16:15
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Re: Knockoff for Teavana's Herbal MataVana ??

by KellyM » Oct 11th, '10, 16:15

Just an FYI, Adagio recently introduced their own maté teas. I haven't found one comparable to MatéVana yet, but you may like Adagio's Spiced Maté. I'd speak on the other flavors... but haven't gotten to all of them yet. The Mocha Nut Maté was not for me.

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Feb 8th, '11, 00:13
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Re: Knockoff for Teavana's Herbal MataVana ??

by SlientSipper » Feb 8th, '11, 00:13

As much as I HATE teavana for their high prices and myriad deceptions and their failed attempt to cheat me out of my pay.
I still have to admit that their Mat`e Vana is indeed heavenly smooth.

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Feb 8th, '11, 00:26
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Re: Knockoff for Teavana's Herbal MataVana ??

by iannon » Feb 8th, '11, 00:26

You might come close with a blend of mocha nut mate and almond rooibos? perhaps...

Feb 24th, '11, 18:00
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Re: Knockoff for Teavana's Herbal MataVana ??

by amarie » Feb 24th, '11, 18:00

I haven't tried it yet myself, but I heard from a tea blogger that Plymouth Tea's Coco Latte Yerba Mate was pretty close to MateVana.


Dec 7th, '11, 16:45
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Re: Knockoff for Teavana's Herbal MataVana ??

by tommetomtom » Dec 7th, '11, 16:45

I am an avid Mate drinker and love variety. I guess I get bored easily, lol But I found this company called Fusion Tea Room @ and I love their Mates. They have a bigger variety than most tea companies and their prices are awesome considering the quality. I am not sure if they have one like the MataVana as I have not tried that one.

Good Luck!

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Dec 15th, '11, 12:53
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Re: Knockoff for Teavana's Herbal MataVana ??

by AlexZorach » Dec 15th, '11, 12:53

Teavana lists the ingredients in all their blends on their website, but this isn't enough information to replicate the blend, because there are typically many ingredients, and the proportions are still a wildcard, even if you know the order of which ingredients are in greater proportion than others.

In my opinion, Teavana's biggest strength is their blending, so you will likely find it hard to replicate any of their blends exactly, and you may find it harder to make a blend you like as much or more.

You may have better luck just trying to make your own novel blend, using theirs as inspiration or a starting point. What is it that you like about MateVana? Think about what qualities you want and then start figuring out how to make a blend that will embody the qualities that you like. You may come up with something you like even more, using this method.

I will say one thing...good Yerba mate is dirt cheap...way cheaper than even low-quality tea. So that's not going to be the limiting factor in your adventures. Shop around and find some mate that you like for a base and then go from there. Good luck!

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