Yum! [Citrus Mate]

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Nov 3rd 10 1:03 pm
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Yum! [Citrus Mate]

by KellyM » Nov 3rd 10 1:03 pm

Ok, so I almost didn't buy Adagio's Mate sampler because of the use of "tobacco" in the flavor descriptions... but I have to say that I was pleased with the Spiced Mate, and just this morning opened the Citrus Mate and I find it delicious!

I wasn't sure of the smell of the citrus after I brewed it (3 min and closer to 212 degrees instead of 150 - I find that's just not hot enough) but the flavor is surprisingly good and I wouldn't mind making another cup right this minute :)

And yet I'm running into a road block with the rest of the Mate sampler...

Along with the Spiced and the Citrus I have also tried the Mocha Nut Mate... and it was the first cup of tea that I had to pour out. :( It just wasn't for me.

This is leaving me wary of the other Mate flavors that I have yet to try: Toasted, Mango, Yerba (I think that's all of them).

Mango... I'm just not a mango person so it's the actual fruit that is making me wary of that.

Toasted... I don't want this to be like my Mocha Nut experience where it tastes like I'm drinking burnt hay.

Yerba... Mate in it's pure form, so I've heard it described as "grassy" quite often and I know that's not a flavor that I want. I even stay away from authentic green teas most of the time because of the grassy (or sometimes even seaweedy) flavor. I have some other Adagio samplers - what's a good mix-in for Yerba to disguise any earthy flavor?

Also... I noticed you can't make a blend with a Mate tea... Hopefully this changes soon? I have a suspicion that making a blend is my ultimate solution in finding my Mate happy place. (I'm a Teavana Mate fan I will admit that entirely.)

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Nov 3rd 10 1:42 pm
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Re: Yum! [Citrus Mate]

by TwoPynts » Nov 3rd 10 1:42 pm

I find the Toasted does taste very "toasty" but it also reminds me of coffee. Not bad, but not great. I can citrus mate, but can't say I overly enjoy it and agree about the mocha nut mate. I'm not sure there is a "happy place" for me with mate, but I will keep trying. :roll: