Stale Rooibos

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Nov 28th, '10, 09:19
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Stale Rooibos

by JustinM » Nov 28th, '10, 09:19

I have some rooibos (in a tin) that I have been working on for a while. It's actually from 2002 (I know, shame on me for letting it last so long). Is it worth keeping to continue drinking or is it basically toast at this point?

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Sep 28th, '11, 15:10
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Re: Stale Rooibos

by AlexZorach » Sep 28th, '11, 15:10

Did you taste it? There's no substitute for a taste test!

Some things keep...many do not. My intuition is that it may be more likely to keep because it is oxidized (like black tea). However, because rooibos is so finely broken, it may be less likely to keep. So I really can't say. I've never kept mine more than a year or a little more...I go through rooibos pretty quickly.

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