Yerba sans Mate

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Apr 19th 06 5:18 am
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Yerba sans Mate

by kodama » Apr 19th 06 5:18 am

I was recently given a bag of mint Yerba and found some 5-year-expired yerba in a box just the other day with a silverish bombilla. I tried to make it and it tasted pretty good, but I kept burning my lips!

Are the real plated metal bombillas not common? Should I steep more than 4-5 minutes first? Should I use cooler (sub 90c) water?

I am currently using a mug, but will consider something mate-gourd like if I get into it.

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Apr 19th 06 6:13 am
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by TeaFanatic » Apr 19th 06 6:13 am

When making yerba I always make it with a gourd (kinda like making green tea with a yixing), because the flavor becomes so much better after repeated use.

Metal plated bombillas are very common but they do take a while to get used too...meaning you will burn your tounge the first few times.

In order to prepare, I use water at 180 degrees to step. If using a gourd, the mate will be ready to drink within 5 seconds because the leaf to water ratio is so high. If you are steeping for a mug, I would go for 4-5 minutes like you asked.

In you are going to prepare in a need to make sure that you cure it beforehand. For more info on curing and steeping go to this webpage:

It tells you all about curing a gourd and also how to steep properly in a gourd.

Let me know if you need any more help.