Loni Leaf Tea

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Jan 23rd 11 2:04 am
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Loni Leaf Tea

by Sententia » Jan 23rd 11 2:04 am

Hello fellow tea connoisseurs. On my trip to Honduras I picked up this local tea called Loni Leaf Tea. 4 ounces for 8$. When I got home the first thing I did was try it. Wow! This tea encompasses what feels and tastes like the air, forests, and earth of Honduras. I couldn't think of a similar taste to apply. Great experience, and I have a new great tea !

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Feb 27th 11 6:09 pm
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Re: Loni Leaf Tea

by Chip » Feb 27th 11 6:09 pm

I have never seen Loni leaf tea listed anywhere. Is there a flavor profile that now comes to mind?