Lebanese Tea

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Mar 25th 11 7:34 pm
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Lebanese Tea

by MelissaW » Mar 25th 11 7:34 pm

Hello, I was wondering what others experience in Lebanese tea was. I went to a Middle Eastern store this weekend, and I saw a bag of it. I almost bought it, but there seemed to be too many roses in it for my liking. I am still interested.
I have googled it, and only found http://www.kalustyans.com/catalog.asp?m ... ory_id=145 as a place that carries something similar to it. Though what they carry is something different than what I saw at the store. This is what the online store describes it as :

Aphrodisiac Tea, Lebanese Style Herbal Blended Tea Featured in New York Magazine on April ,1995 Issue. House Blend of 32 Herbs & Spices , Including Sage,Fenugreek, Fennel, Cinnamon, Cardamom, Sorrel, Linden, Chamomile, Rose, Star Anise, Black Tea.

I actually bought this tea while I was in NYC, but I lost it in a move. I still wonder what it is like. Though the other Lebanese tea I saw at the store was all flowers.

I have found recipes for different Lebanese teas, one that is iced, served with either orange flower or rose essence and pine nuts.

I might have to try that just for the heck of it. Anyways, I am all ears on knowing more! :D