Yerba Mate tea

Healthy herbs, rooibos, honeybush, decaf tea, and yerba mate.

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Mar 20th, '07, 13:21
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by LavenderPekoe » Mar 20th, '07, 13:21

I find mint can totally cover the Mate flavor. Actually, I find mint can make lots of things taste better.

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Apr 23rd, '07, 11:53
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by TeaFanatic » Apr 23rd, '07, 11:53

Mate can actually have a wide variety of tastes just as tea can. Some mate can actually have a very harsh taste, while some has a smooth flavor that invigorates. Most of that difference comes from where the mate is grown. If it is grown of a plantation, it tends to have a more bitter strong taste, whereas rainforest mate is more smooth. That being said it is also an acquired taste that takes some time getting used to.

I will say that correctly brewing mate is a very difficult task. I would recommend that if you really want to understand the tastes that you get a gourd and bombilla and brew it as they do in Argentina.

If you want to brew it like most tea, then make sure that your water temperature is closer to 180 degrees and be careful not to overbrew, mate has tannins and caffeine like tea does.

Lastly, if there are any argentinians that you know or anyone who might know how to brew mate, you should talk to them, because they are more likely to know better ways to brew the mate. I learned from argentinians and that's why I like mate so much.

Anyway, good luck in drinking mate. If you're really up for it there are many things you can do for different tastes and mixtures. One of my favorites is to use sprite instead of water. You can also add any type of skin, like orange peels (make sure it is dry before you mix in with mate) or lemons, or really whatever you want.

Jun 16th, '07, 07:12
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by » Jun 16th, '07, 07:12

i only started drinking yerba mate a couple weeks ago, but i really enjoy it. i looks pretty gross in my infuser. sometimes im not too keen on the smell. but the taste is really nice in my opinion. im drinking about 2 cups a day. the first couple days i really noticed the caffeine. but i guess im used to it now. currently im drinking yerba mate from - however i bought 3 different types of yerba mate along with 2 gourds and bombillas - from (should be here this week).

i like to drink it sweetened with agave nectar (sort of like honey - but less viscous).

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Jun 18th, '07, 11:04
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by xine » Jun 18th, '07, 11:04

I got my big package of Yerba Mate from Nativa Yerba Mate; i'm going to try to play around with it later on this week. The only other mate I have had is the flavored mates from Pixie Mate, which I like a lot, so hopefully true Mate won't scare me away. I will be taking some of these suggestions with regards to mixing it with other teas with me.

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Jun 20th, '07, 21:18
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by hop_goblin » Jun 20th, '07, 21:18

Mate rocks! I dont drink it as much as some, but when I do I love it.. Just a nice change of pace

Sep 26th, '07, 12:16
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Why the utensils

by teajock » Sep 26th, '07, 12:16

Hey folks, just because the "natives" drink it with their own unique utensils doesn't mean we have to. Let's not overthink this.

Mate is just great when made and strained like regular tea. Don't add boiling water and let it steep for a good 6 - 8 minutes. Done!

If you want to try the dried gourd and metal straw thingies, have fun with it. Just don't avoid drinking it because you aren't doing it in the traditional way! Sheesh!

I actually just bought a few ounces of Spice Nut Mate from Teavana. It's about noon now, so I think I'll give it a try. My experience is that drinking it after noon will result in a night of staring at the ceiling instead of sleeping.

Also, as for the caffeine thing? Whatever the stimulant is in Mate, it doesn't seem to have the powerful kick you get from coffee, but it lasts FOREVER. Remember this when you give it a try.

Sep 26th, '07, 12:49
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by Mocha Wheels » Sep 26th, '07, 12:49

haven't tried it yet... the boutique i get my tea at just got a chocolate mate w/ a hint of mocha that i can't wait to try!:)

is mate a "real tea"? i ask because i know red tea (rooibos) is not a "real tea". which to me doesn't make sense... if you prepare it like tea, it looks like tea, it tastes like tea... then it should be tea lol.

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Sep 26th, '07, 13:07
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by Chip » Sep 26th, '07, 13:07, mate is not technically tea, but that should not deter one from enjoying it.

It is not Camelia sinensis.

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Sep 27th, '07, 13:14
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by ABx » Sep 27th, '07, 13:14

Mocha Wheels wrote:is mate a "real tea"? i ask because i know red tea (rooibos) is not a "real tea". which to me doesn't make sense... if you prepare it like tea, it looks like tea, it tastes like tea... then it should be tea lol.
Just remember that "tea" refers to the plant, and not the beverage. The beverage is technically an "infusion", no matter if it's tea, yerba mate, herbals, etc.

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Sep 27th, '07, 14:37
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by Mary R » Sep 27th, '07, 14:37

ABx wrote:The beverage is technically an "infusion", no matter if it's tea, yerba mate, herbals, etc.
If you want to break into the semi-obscure English, non-tea infusions are also called tisanes. Contrary to popular belief, it isn't an old word. It came in around the late 1920's from modern French.

And there's the useless trivia of the day! (I swear, in 10 years I will be the next Ken Jennings. And Queen of the Nerds.)

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Mar 12th, '08, 14:29
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by yuri.hayashi » Mar 12th, '08, 14:29

Hey, guys!

I've been reading this topic and I thought I could help a little since I'm from Brazil and mate is everywhere in here.

The Yerba Mate everybody here knows it very well and I don't think there will be a way to reproduce it as it is in a teapot. It's a very unique process and I think Argentines could get mad at us if we try to change it. :-)
But what we have here is the tea for mate. It comes in tea bags or loose leaf and it is already ready for brewing. The most famous brand here is Matte Leão, and here is the website:

And you can get a better idea about the beverage at wikipedia that explains the difference:

That's it, hope it's useful! :-)

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