Mimosa Leaf Tea

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Jun 1st 15 10:48 pm
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Mimosa Leaf Tea

by teagenesis » Jun 1st 15 10:48 pm

I had been reading that mimosa flowers were edible, as well as young leaves. The flowers have several medicinal uses and the leaves are used as a substitute for tea. These effects include sedation, relaxation, and stress-relief.

Well, I started picking young mimosa leaf sprigs, rolling them and drying them off for a mildly sweet, floral smelling tea. Each time, it has made me feel incredibly relaxed and pleasant. I have been drinking it strong, too, bringing the leaves to a boil in the water, and infusing for over 10 minutes.

The result is a mellow, euphoric feeling, muscular relaxation, and a lackadaisical mood. If it is nighttime, you might find yourself feeling ready for sleep. Definitely calms the nerves.

I LOVE it. The taste is somewhat like an oolong or white tea, but much lighter. The color is a bright lime green! If you have ever brewed passionflowers, it has a reminiscent taste and the same green hue. The effects are somewhat stronger.

For a sweeter, more floral infusion also use the mimosa blossoms.
AVOID the fruit, these are likely toxic.

Who has had this delightful infusion?