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Dec 31st 07 8:58 am
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by Auntie Medwyn » Dec 31st 07 8:58 am

Sorry Salvia and Stevia are 2 different things, didn't mean to confuse you. I just heard about them, Salvia Info can be found there. Pretty interesting really, but since I can't try it out anytime soon I will look for something else. Stevia looks like something I'd want to try though, I'm all about trying natural stuff. Thanks for the links, anyone else have any good links to herbal/herbs places?
If you want a good, free herb catalog that has tons of information in it, go to Richter's Herbs. I get a lot of my herbs from them and their catalog is extremely useful.

Other good places for herb info are Herbs for Health and The Herb Companion.

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May 2nd 09 9:20 pm
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by andrielle » May 2nd 09 9:20 pm

hey guys, check out this site I just found about Salvia: salvia society dot org  I heard about it on Fox News last night. The guy who owns it was talking how he's trying to stop legislation in different states from banning the herb.  I hope he succeeds, meanwhile they just banned it in my State (Minnesota)

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May 3rd 09 2:15 pm
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by silvermage2000 » May 3rd 09 2:15 pm

I have tried stevia but salvia and I don't think I would want to either.

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May 3rd 09 3:44 pm
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by Anelezel » May 3rd 09 3:44 pm

I work in a grocery store and we keep the Stevia next to the Splenda in the cooking aisle. Its pretty expensive at this point, its called Purevia and its the only brand that we carry. As time goes on we will probably get other forms of sweeteners as people become more aware of the other options.