Yerba: Where's the Mate?

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Sep 26th, '07, 12:07
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Yerba: Where's the Mate?

by teajock » Sep 26th, '07, 12:07

Alright, I'm a bit of a newbie to teas, but I'm having a blast trying everything and so far haven't found any that I've hated.

I bought some Yerba Mate from another vendor online based primarily on the memory of a high school Spanish teacher making some for the class to taste one day. We all just got a little cup, but I did enjoy it quite a bit at the time.

So anyway, I made myself a nice big 16 oz cup of it and took it to go to watch my son's 4:30 pm soccer practice.

About 1:30 in the morning while staring at the ceiling for the umpteenth hour straight it hit me that perhaps Yerba Mate has a tad bit more caffeine than normal teas. Further research the next day proved this to be accurate. Luckily I had more Mate to keep me going on the 1 1/2 hours sleep I eventually stole.

So, NOW I know to not drink this stuff after noon, but I do love it. Perhaps somebody can enlighten me on why Adagio seems not to stock it?

-Me :?