Tsai tou vounou/Sideritis syriaca

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Dec 5th, '07, 11:39
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Tsai tou vounou/Sideritis syriaca

by Prismac » Dec 5th, '07, 11:39

Has anyone had this tea? It's picked in the Greek mountains, and also known as "mountain tea," "shepherd's tea," and "ironwort." It's really delicious, and quite good for you. If I may quote wiki:
Scientists recently suggested that Greek grandmothers who promote mountain tea as a panacea for most illnesses are remarkably close to the truth. Modern tests have indicted that the tea helps in the prevention of osteoporosis while its anti-oxidant properties aid in the prevention of cancer. The studies also indicate Greek Mountain Tea has a positive effect on almost anything that ails. Traditionally, it is used in combating colds and flu, respiratory problems, aiding digestion, strengthening the immune system, and calming mild anxiety. It is also used as an anti-inflammatory and to reduce fever.
I drink it all the time when I'm sick. My grandparents pick it wild. They also boil it with the water, which seems to work pretty well.

So, has anyone tried this "tea"? If anyone would like to, I wouldn't mind trying to send a small sample! It's really delicious, especially with honey. :o