What is Honeybush?

Healthy herbs, rooibos, honeybush, decaf tea, and yerba mate.

Jan 17th, '06, 13:29

begging to differ

by teaminister » Jan 17th, '06, 13:29

I disagree with the majority. I find honeybush to be sweeter and more complex thant rooibos, and prefer it for that reason.

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Jan 17th, '06, 17:30
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by illium » Jan 17th, '06, 17:30

I've never seen it or tried it.. but my vote goes for Honeybush.

But only for the name.

It sounds like a tasteless and corny joke that would whip by you in a B-52's song.

Mar 15th, '06, 17:49
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by Maurgen » Mar 15th, '06, 17:49

I've never experienced a "medicinal" taste with the honeybush that I drink. Its actually very calming, perfectly sweet, and rather pleasant.

I was disappointed to find that Adagio doesn't carry Honeybush (my local source recently ran out) - I suppose I'll have to try elsewhere.

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