Yerba: Shelf life?

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Feb 16th, '08, 13:44
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Yerba: Shelf life?

by omegapd » Feb 16th, '08, 13:44

Hey All,

How long does Yerba Mate stay fresh? I just got in around 3 pounds of various brands and am planning on storing them in air tight jars and was just wondering...



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Feb 16th, '08, 13:51
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by Mary R » Feb 16th, '08, 13:51

I want to say 2 or 3 years. I can't really remember and don't really want to research it at the moment. I do know that it can keep significantly longer than black tea (1 yr), though.

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Feb 24th, '08, 17:02
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Contact: Warden Andy

by Warden Andy » Feb 24th, '08, 17:02

The bottom of Rosamonte says to finish within 2 years, which may or may not be true. I have a few that I opened more than a year ago that still seems fresh.

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Feb 25th, '08, 13:11
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by Sydney » Feb 25th, '08, 13:11

Yerba has a ridiculous shelf life. I think the devil is somehow involved.

Feb 28th, '08, 14:04
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yerba mate

by Phathom » Feb 28th, '08, 14:04

Each of my packages are in an air tight container, or you could purchase more just to keep the fresh flavor. I have seen expires printed onto the bags of mate, they were roughly 12 to 18 months, from what I must assume was a harvest.

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