YUM YUM! Berry blues

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Oct 26th 05 5:49 am

YUM YUM! Berry blues

by Sarah » Oct 26th 05 5:49 am

I absolutely love the Berry Blues herbal tea and it is beautiful to watch brew in my minute mug - the color is great and taste is splendid! Thank to Adagio! :D

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Oct 26th 05 8:44 pm
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by PeteVu » Oct 26th 05 8:44 pm

you guys have no idea how much of a mind blow it is to me that a guest named sara(h) arrived here at 1:49 am this morning

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Oct 27th 05 12:13 am
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by teaspoon » Oct 27th 05 12:13 am

You're right, Pete, we probably don't... Why is this so?


Dec 29th 05 2:43 am
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Late night posts

by Snow on Cedar » Dec 29th 05 2:43 am

I admit that some of my posts here are rather late night...I have a terrible habit of getting up at 1, 2, or even 3 in the morning to have a cup of tea, and of course that gets me going on this forum. :oops:

Mar 1st 06 9:26 pm

by Guest » Mar 1st 06 9:26 pm

LadyArden wrote:Thanks for the recommendation Sarah. That's one I've been thinking about trying but putting off till next order each time. Good to know someone heartily enjoys it.
I agree and will try it out next time.

I drink tea in the middle of the night as well, but I don't venture on line......just into a good book.

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Mar 15th 06 9:28 pm
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by Molly » Mar 15th 06 9:28 pm

Just got my first order of this tea this afternoon and am definitely hooked.

I got sidetracked though and the tea was cold by the time I got back to my desk. It's actually really yummy this way. I think I found an alternate to my regular choice of dewy cherry for iced tea! Hurray!