Decaf Oolong tea?

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Nov 5th, '05, 09:43

Decaf Oolong tea?

by ChrisH » Nov 5th, '05, 09:43

Anyone know where I can get decaf oolong tea? I'm on a quest, but haven't found it anywhere on the web.

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Aug 14th, '07, 06:20
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by The March Hare » Aug 14th, '07, 06:20

Try import stores, especially Asian import stores. I would also try religious promoting stores like the local Latter-Day Saints (Mormon) shops; if you have any. I do know there is a decaf Oolong in Utah.

Aug 14th, '07, 09:11
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by Marky » Aug 14th, '07, 09:11

Well, there's this, but quality might be questionable: ... 543&sr=8-7

I looked at other teas they sell and their prices are about double the prices of a local Asian grocer for identical items.

Oct 13th, '07, 22:30
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by jashnew » Oct 13th, '07, 22:30

Chris- I really don't think buying decaffeinated tea is a good idea. It's done with chemicals. Decaffeinate it yourself. Its much healthier.

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