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wert [offer] Yixing Book: 上好紫砂器

by wert » Apr 26th, '14, 22:12

Introducing a yixing picture book...

上好紫砂器 (High Quality Zisha Wares)
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Published:1994 (reprinted 2013)
Condition : As New (from publisher)
320 pages

This book covers zisha wares from mid qing to modern times. Language is Traditional Chinese but there is almost no text. I shall skip all the fillers and go straight to the good points of this book.

The biggest selling point of this book is the way the book is arranged in the zaoqi(1950-80) and modern sections. It is sorted by the potters, for example, Jiang Rong.
CAM02319 (480x640).jpg
CAM02319 (480x640).jpg (20.85 KiB) Viewed 979 times
There would be a few examples of each potters' work.

Secondly, this book doesn't only cover the most famous artists but also many of the 2nd tier as well(they are the top end now). Here is part of the index.
CAM02318 (480x640).jpg
CAM02318 (480x640).jpg (26.29 KiB) Viewed 979 times
This is a big hardcover picture book with good examples from the body of works of the contemporary artists. It is a good reference to all yixing collecters but I feel it is one of the most excellent one to those who has interest in mingjia(famous artists) pots.

Price: US$100 + shipping
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Re: Yixing Book & Yixing

by wert » Apr 26th, '14, 22:15

A few more extracts.....
Some examples from mid to late Qing is included in the other sections too.
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If there are any questions, please feel free to PM or ask here. :) And sorry for the poor photos. :oops: :oops:
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Re: wert [offer] Yixing Book: 上好紫砂器

by wert » Jun 26th, '14, 09:43

To share a question asked,
The dimension of the book is 27.5cm x 21 cm x 2.5cm.
Yes, it is not a small book, 357 pages.

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Re: wert [offer] Yixing Book: 上好紫砂器

by wert » Aug 12th, '14, 01:02

All extra copies passed off. Please close the thread, thanks!