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Jan 7th, '10, 22:27
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TokyoB - Swap - Taiwan TGY 2009

by TokyoB » Jan 7th, '10, 22:27

I purchased a 300g canister of TGY from Shanshui. This tea won 5th place in the Winter 2009 Muzha Farm Association Tieguanyin contest. I paid $125 for the 300g (10.6 oz) or about $12/oz. This tea was not listed on his website - while he was in Taiwan he just notified everyone on his email list that he could purchase it for them. It came in competition packaging - special seals, numbered, etc. (Although I can't really read much of it!)

I would say that this tea has the typical mouth watering acidity characteristic of a good Taiwan TGY. It has been roasted but doesn't have any smokiness. I think it has medium to lower oxidation relative to some TGY. This makes it a bit drier/less sweet in my opinion.

I would like to trade 2 or 3 oz. of this tea for any other high quality Taiwan roasted TGY (from Floating Leaves, HouDe, etc.), preferably with just one person or two at most. Please let me know via PM if you're interested. Thanks!