Aug 7th, '10, 11:26
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teaforleelee: Flavored tea to swap or sell.

by teaforleelee » Aug 7th, '10, 11:26

Hello. If anyone is interested, I have a good bit of flavored tea that I'm looking to swap or sell. I am looking for flavored tea in return. some vendors that I prefer are: Teavana, David's Tea, Mighty Leaf, Art of Tea, Republic of Tea, and Gypsy Tea but I am open to looking at anything, as long as it's not something that I have already in a similar blend. I like fruity, sweet, and spiced teas-not so much for the floral, unless it's mixed with something else, such as rose mango or chocolate jasmine.
I have several teas from several vendors. If you are interested, let me know your preferrences and I will look and see what I have that you might like. :)

Aug 7th, '10, 11:29
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Re: Flavored tea to swap or sell.

by teaforleelee » Aug 7th, '10, 11:29

Oops, forgot to mention-I am up for just doing good sized samples, if that would be preferred, as long as there are several blends we could swap out. Of course, I have more of some teas than others, but we would just work out an equal amount to trade.