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May 9th, '11, 16:49
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Ambrose - Late Spring Clear Out - Sale

by Ambrose » May 9th, '11, 16:49

Hello Fellow Tea mates ! :D Im again letting go of some tea things! I really like to keep a simple clean den here. I ship world wide a few bucks for ship. Priced low for adopting to new homes ! Sorry about my picture sizes!

Black Ippukuwan 300ml
I used to make matcha in this
$9 Adopted


Off White Ippukuwan 250ml
I would drink sencha or matcha in this one
$12 Adopted


White Nami (wave) Sencha-Cup
they hold a nice 3.5 oz - great for a big oolong cup or japan green
$8 Adopted


Fish Cups 70ml
when your zoned they look like they are chasing the tea crumbs
$4 for the set Adopted


Gaiwan 140ml
Best gaiwan Ive seen, came from hou de a while back
$14 Adopted


Celadon - Xu De-Jia
Traditional Taiwanese Celadon
Cha He Presentation - $13Adopted
Tea Cup - $19 Adopted


Cha Hai Glass 150ml


Miroslava Randová - Plate
this is a nice plate from the wife of Petr Novak


FREE Cha He- Snakewood Teascoop-Bark Teascoop
One free for each adoption while they last :) I handmade the snakewood scoop

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May 9th, '11, 21:04
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Re: Ambrose - Late Spring Clear Out - Sale

by nickE » May 9th, '11, 21:04


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May 11th, '11, 14:53
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Re: Ambrose - Late Spring Clear Out - Sale

by lkj23 » May 11th, '11, 14:53

2 days all I want adopted :(

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May 11th, '11, 15:29
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Re: Ambrose - Late Spring Clear Out - Sale

by Chip » May 11th, '11, 15:29

As usual, Ambrose offers up really nice swappage! :mrgreen: