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May 14th, '11, 07:24
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Ambrose Offer - Sado Pot

by Ambrose » May 14th, '11, 07:24

HI guys and gals ! :)

Up for grabs is my Sado reduction fire pot. The pot makes a great amount of difference in enhancing the brews aftertaste and overall flavor without rounding too much. Sado clay is naturally rich in iron. This is one of the limited reduction fired pieces that oxidizes it black.

It's worked amazing with all teas Ive tried in it. Light high mountain oolong, japanese and china green, phoenix rock tea, other oxidized oolong, and sheng. Although I tried different teas with the pot early on. I used the pot for light high mountain oolongs mostly. It can always be rededicated BTW.

I paid about $230 for this pot, but for my tea mates only $119 and a few bucks for ship. :wink:

100ml, original box, unused original cloth, direct multi hole filter.

So why am I letting it go !? Ive got another on the way. :mrgreen:

In the picture she has a few spots from the tea because I was brewing. The pot will ship clean :)

She has been adopted! :D

lock it up chip thank you!
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May 14th, '11, 10:19
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Re: Ambrose Offer - Sado Pot

by tieguanyin » May 14th, '11, 10:19

PM sent :mrgreen: !