May 17th, '06, 21:34
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Offer: Green Tea Gift Basket

by bonafidebaskets » May 17th, '06, 21:34

Hello. I am a designer and I recently negotiated a chance to work with a successful online tea company by offering their company 4-5 exclusive gift basket designs for their product offering and then drop-shipping across the US. I will be using a combination of their products and mine. I just received the first shipment of product from their company today and I am entering into the design phase now. I am to create a rare loose leaf tea basket, and also a loose leaf green tea basket. I have received teas that are imported from India. Green Teas include: Organic, Gun Powder, Chai green, Fusion Green & White, Jasmine Blossom, Lemon Spice, Moroccan Mint, Premium Green, Sushi Bar Mild Green, First Flush, Second Flush. Rate Teas include: First Flush, Second Flush, Silver White Tips, and Muscatel. The tea company owner has requested that I not use a lot of cookies.

I am thinking this board is a start to my research and I am asking you "true tea lovers" what you would like to see in a loose leaf tea basket. Just think if you were to get a gift like this, what would suit your fancy? All feedback welcome!

Thanks in advance.

Marlena Ulbig
Designer - Bona Fide Baskets

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May 18th, '06, 00:29
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Contact: MarshalN

by MarshalN » May 18th, '06, 00:29

Not to be snobby, but.... how about teas that actually are identifiable by name, not these random trade names that don't actually tell you anything about what the teas actually are?

For example, I am guessing that the "Sushi Bar Mild Green" is actually a sencha, but ..... is it? What's a White and Green Fusion? What's in it?

Might be useful to include a card or something that will provide tihs sort of info, since the names themselves are entirely non-obvious to tea drinkers

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May 18th, '06, 09:35
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by klemptor » May 18th, '06, 09:35

These sound like Stash Tea's tea names - at least, the Fusion Green & White and the Sushi Bar Mild Green (which I don't see loose, incidentally), whose names I recognize from their catalogue.

I agree with Marshal, please list the actual names of the teas, rather than what the company calls them.

I'd like to see the following in a green tea basket (all loose, of course): lung ching, kukicha, gyokuro, matcha (although you'd probably have to include the tools as well, I'm thinking), bi luo chun (or some other lighter green tea), and genmai cha.

As far as rare teas, let me think about that one for a bit and get back to you. Do you have any guidelines: oolong, white, pu-erh, non-flavored?

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May 18th, '06, 09:36
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Contact: rhpot1991

by rhpot1991 » May 18th, '06, 09:36

Would this mistery tea company happen to be Stash Tea? Most of your names match up with theirs.