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May 18th, '12, 11:16
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All members: Pu-erh swap

by gasninja » May 18th, '12, 11:16

So I was thinking that it might be a cool idea to be able to have a place where people could post listings of pu-erh they would be willing to trade for a tea of similar quality or value. Obviously the trade has to be agreeable to both parties. I think could be a cool way to try new tea.

So I would be willing to trade 5 to 20 gram samples of these teas for samples of other Lao shu or aged pu-erh of a similar value possibly even quality Yancha or aged oolong
2011 yunann sourcing wu Laing
2011 Eot Bulang
2011 eot Mannou ( limited amount)
2011 eot Manhai
2010 eot bangwei
2009 xzh lbz /yiwu brick
2008 huh lbz/ Lao manee
2006 yan Qing hao gu shu cha Wang
2005 YQH yi wu cha Wang(limited
If anyone has any 04 yqh special reserve I will make and favorable trade.
2005 7532 pretty sure it's knockoff Hk stored
2004 406 7532 menghai. Hk stored
99 broken tea cake hk stored
" 99"blue dixing
Late 90s grand yellow label hk stored
97 Heng Li Chang
"90s". "7542" german vendor Hk stored
90s song pin hao remake
70s simao brick large leaf brick one from bana tea
70s da ye loose leaf ( limited amount)

Any one else that has pu-erh they would be willing to swap post it here. If you wanna trade then contact poster with a pm.